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February 2023


Case Study

Create a New Model Launch Destination

3East Design Supercharged CFMOTO's Flagship Adventure Bike Launch

At 3East Design, we embraced the exhilarating challenge of conceiving a website for the launch of CFMOTO’s revolutionary flagship adventure bike the CFMOTO 800MT.

Our objective was clear: to craft a visually captivating and exceptionally functional digital platform. The Australian importer for CFMOTO had a specific goal in mind—to make the bike available for presale to their eager customer base.

To accomplish this, our website needed to seamlessly facilitate pre-orders while offering customers the ability to tailor their chosen model and handpick their preferred options before confirming their purchase. We achieved this seamlessly through various cutting-edge e-commerce methods, resulting in a user-friendly and easily manageable experience.

We’re elated to share that our team executed this task with extraordinary success. As a direct outcome of our efforts, the model garnered an impressive volume of pre-orders. This accomplishment was further amplified through a meticulously targeted marketing campaign across industry-specific media websites and CFMOTO’s social media channels. These achievements reaffirm our unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional web design solutions.

"What sets 3EAST apart is their commitment to innovation and their willingness to go the extra mile. They consistently presented us with fresh ideas and solutions, pushing the boundaries of what we thought was possible for this microsite. Their exploratory work was instrumental in making the CFMOTO 800MT microsite a standout in our industry.

The microsite itself was a work of art. Visually stunning, user-friendly, and exceptionally informative, it drew customers in and held their attention. The intuitive navigation and responsive design ensured a smooth experience for visitors across devices. This played a crucial role in keeping potential buyers engaged, ultimately leading to a higher conversion rate and a very successful product launch."

- Matt Reilly Marketing Manager / PR & Communications Manager


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