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Action Sports Decals


Development Year

February 2021


Case Study

Rebuild Action Sports Decals Website

Rescuing Australia's Largest Action Sports Decal Company

Action Sports Decals are Australia’s largest decal company that designs and prints graphics and sticker kits for everything from motorbikes, snowboards to BMX bikes.

The highly successful business has been around for over 20 years. Approximately ten years ago, they went online with a custom WordPress site. Over time the site became unstable, and as mobile started to take over, it quickly became incompatible.

3East was called in to do a complete rebuild. This was a huge undertaking as everything had to remain intact not to lose years of excellent Google rankings. The website contains well over 1000 products that are all unique and fully customisable. This presented a big challenge and required loads of brainpower to overcome the complexity of the online shopping experience for the customer.

After much trial and error and a great deal of research and testing, we were able to come up with a solution that does exactly as intended. As the site relied heavily on a few old plugins that could not be eliminated, we had to design many custom solutions to get it all working in harmony.

Since the upgrade, the site has continued to be a solid workhorse for the owner, with 3East continuing to host and manage the website.


Ringwood Office

Larissa Ave

Ringwood, 3134


Phone (Aus): 03 9870 1676

Phone (Int): +61 3 9870 1676